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Why join the Big British Switch?

If you are simply interested in seeing how much you can save or are actively seeking a better energy deal, we at The Big British Switch have the power to help you say no to the rising cost of your energy.

Simply enter your Email Address and Post Code in the registration box above and not only will you have access to our free Price Comparison Service we will also let you know when our next exclusive deal is available even if we don't have anything for you right now (But we think we will....).

What is Collective Switching?

Collective Switching takes the hard work out of switching energy suppliers. All you have to do is simply join The Big British Switch; we continually look to negotiate exclusive energy tariffs for our members. Once you have registered we will let you know when the deals are available to switch to.

The Big British Switch seeks to use the power of the crowd and the purchasing power of the people to extract better, more favourable deals for its members.

We show you the exclusive deals. But you decide to switch not us.

We are constantly on the look-out for Exclusive deals for our members; always seeking to help as many people as possible get the best possible energy deal and avoid being put onto a Variable Energy Tariff once their Fixed Tariff period has expired.

Even when we do not have an exclusive deal available you can still switch your energy supplier to the best possible deal in your area by using our switching service.